Welcome to the Accents West Zapotec Rug Store. Here you will find a comprehensive list of our available inventory and designs.

In order to simplify the shopping process, the Rug Store has been separated by sizes. Please look below and select your weaving size of choice. Please note that all of our Zapotec rugs are handwoven, and all sizes are rough approximations as the actual size of a Zapotec rug is dependent upon the weaver's whim and the amount of threads required for specific designs. For exact sizes, please e-mail us with the AW##### Number on the Rug's page. We will respond to your query as soon as possible.

All of our rugs are unique, and sold on a First Come, First Serve basis. While every Zapotec rug is different, if the rug that you are interested in is already sold we should be able to offer you a variety of extremely similar weavings, or specially order the rug in question for you.

To place an order you can:

Email with the AW Number on your rug of choice

Call Steve at (512) 775-5177

Call Sean at (512) 203-9595

Please allow some time for us to respond. Shipping is not included in any prices listed. Payments can be accepted in Visa or Mastercard.